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ive got some racing questions for everyone

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well you see i drive an automatic because i am way to lazy to drive standard and i just dont have the attentionspan, well anyway i was wondering what is the best way to get a good launch? and 1 more question i dont have a tach so when manually shifting what is the best speeds to shift at,
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sr20 805 said:
dude, y u getting smart? u dont know my situtation.......i aint made of money to be paying a ticket for nothing, besides, WHAT GOOD DOES A TRANNY DO ME, WHEN I CANT BE ABLE TO DRIVE IT WITH ANOTHER TICKET ON MY RECORD?!?.......HAVE U HEARD OF LICENSE SUSPENSION???? I'D RATHER BUY A NEW TRANNY THAN NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE FOR A YEAR JUST BECAUSE I GOT A SILLY TICKET FOR NOTHIN'.......lets think a little there before we speak buddy
I would suggest you start driving like a responsible adult, then you wouldn't have to worry about either...
sr20 805 said:
so i'm supposed to mod my car and drive responsibly thats like an oxymoron.....
hmmm I'm not about to get my license suspended, nor is Mike Kojima or 99% of the other people that mod their cars.

If your driving like an idiot on the street then you need to get your license suspended, maybe it will open your eyes to the real world and maybe even save your life. Obviously your not paying close enough attention to the road to see all the police that keep pulling you over.

Moding your car is not about getting on the street and going as fast as you can from light to light... once you realize that you may stop having all these problems... and once you start listening to people and stop flapping your mouth you might actually learn something in here. There are a lot of knowledgable people in here... not to use that for your own growth is a mistake..... think Mcfly think!
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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