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ive got some racing questions for everyone

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well you see i drive an automatic because i am way to lazy to drive standard and i just dont have the attentionspan, well anyway i was wondering what is the best way to get a good launch? and 1 more question i dont have a tach so when manually shifting what is the best speeds to shift at,
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first of all, if you got a radar detector then the cops will easily know that you've got it because cops in some cities got the "radar detector" detector. so whether you going 200mph or 10mph, they know you got it. second, wanna a faster "auto" car? shifting manualy could help little bit, why dont you get a turbo or nos? try search the net.... for example. i know couple "auto" Ga16det in my town who make the sr20's and other ricers bow everytime they pass by. dont listen to anyone who says that your car is slow. you can kiss some serious ass if you know what to do next.
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