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ITB's on my 1992 hardbody

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I really want more power out of my truck, but I also need it to pass emissions. There doesnt seem to be many aftermarket parts for the truck ka24e, so i know there is alot of custom work involved. i want to maybe put individual throttle bodies on it, but still pass emissions. Is this possible?

If not, I would like to find out other ways to get more power. Mainly acceleration. I advanced the timing for a short time. that resulted in more torque, but killed my gas mileage. So i set it back to +2. If anyone has any ideas for more power that will pass virginia emissions, please let me know. getting raped by an si civic is motivating me to try for more. I was thinking of pulling both manifolds and port matching and polishing them.
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want more power??

try looking into i got my ideas from them its a remote mount turbo system were the turbo is under the bed of the truck im running 5 pounds of boost and getting quite a bit of power from it havent went to a dyno yet but i can beat a civic si no problems makes the truck a fun drifting toy
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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