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The car has ran since i took hold of it, was told it would not pass smog bc of a cracked carb. The papers say mod. vacuum and and i think the timing. It sat for 4 months and it been cold. but i would come out here and warm it up a few times the he moved it and the battery i thought was dead is now. put gas to make sure put some in the carb. It first sounded like it wanted to kick but nothing but rotation now. I got spark at all cylinders even just off the coil it self. the colum was taken apart and wonderin if the igniton got wet even under the hood. now i got the air cleaner off with all that disconnected and a dead battery, im prettyt much fuked. i charged a battert that we just got a hold of so i know its good, but after i charged it and put it in, it just clicked so now you thikn i got a short or like maybe something i was saynin with the moisturethe distributor was koo a lil oil ine the bottom. any info i know its a lot but the car has to go, not that i want it too but it was a deal from the babys momma and now that im not there they want it back, but ill be aight! They dont know how i do!!

plez help thasnx
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