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ISIS SR20DET Radiator Install & Review

I just received my new ISIS sr20det radiator for my S13 from Enjuku Racing Parts, LLC
Below are the pics and comments of the install process and my opinion about the quality of the product.

First off the radiator came shipped in a sturdy box with plenty of protection all the way around.

Overall quality of the piece was pretty good.
Welds were good and the inlet and outlets were straight and in the right position for install.

Closeup of welds

Included ~1.1 bar radiator cap

This is my car (S13) with sr20det that the ISIS radiator will be going into.
I already have a Koyo radiator which I will be replacing with this ISIS one because I recently got a hole in it.
I will compare the ISIS radiator cooling ability to that of the Koyo which I know was good.

To install: Take off hold brackets. I'm using the S14 hold brackets on my S13 because I think they look better.

Take off coolant overflow line next to radiator cap

Next tackle the cooling fan. I have an efan already installed
if you still have the stock clutch fan you can probably skip this step and just uninstall the fan shroud if you still have it.

Remove the electric fan from the radiator. Usually zip ties hold it on.
Mine has alittle spot for a flathead screwdriver to screw the zip tie back out through the radiator.

Next uninstall the lower radiator hose from the thermostat housing pipe.

Then uninstall the upper radiator hose.

Next pull out the old radiator it should be a breeze and place it down on something
that won't bend any of the radiator fins (unless you don't care about the old radiator).
On the bottom of the old radiator the rubber grommets might still be connected to the two nipples on the bottom of the radiator.
Take these off and install them on the new ISIS radiator.

My camera ran out of battery so I didnt have a pic of this, but, next you should install your new radiator hoses onto the
new ISIS radiator and leave the hoses alittle loose so you can move them for fitment later.
Slide the new ISIS radiator into place and proceed to install everything back as normal.

Start with the lower radiator hose. Install this back onto the thermostat housing pipe and tighten both clamps when you have the hose fitting properly.

Install the upper brackets to keep the radiator in place.

The fitment of the ISIS radiator was great.

Install your upper radiator hose back.

Reinstall and connect your electric fan, clutch fan shroud, etc...

Install your coolant overflow hose.

Now refill all of your coolant and bleed the system of any excess air.

After bleeding the system of any excess air in the motor the radiator worked as expected. Very well.
There was absolutely no difference in the performance of this radiator then that of the Koyo.
I have driven it hard and daily driven it and the temp gauge has not changed.
Even after a long drive I can put my hand on the radiator and its not super hot.
I would recommend this radiator to anyone who wants to upgrade to an aftermarket radiator, but, doesn't have the money for a Koyo or equivalent.
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