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Katana200sx said:
well there is no list that can cover everyone. some want more power than others. but basically...with a turbo you can't make the exhaust too big. do not buy a header or cai if you are serious about going turbo. you will want to upgrade your fuel injectors, fuel pump, and maybe your fuel rail(depends on the injector size). you would want to either lighten your stock flywheel or buy an aftermarket fly wheel bc it helps boost kick in faster bc of less rotating mass...also upgrade the clutch. i'm not sure how extreme you will have to go with the clutch...but if i ever boosted i would go with the act 6 puck disk and extreme pressure plate. you will definitely want some slicks or drag radials for running at the track. definitely have jwt put the turbo program on your ecu plus the basic service...also cams and the cam program for the ecu. this is all the things i can think of for a basic/mild turbo set up. if you want to go to more extremes then there are more things you need to do. if i left anything out someone chime in.
Totally agree, ppl aren't looking for a list they're looking for easy answers. If you want a 'list' go buy a book, there are plenty on turbocharging and engine development.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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