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Lucino200sx said:
I replaced my OEM clutch with Centerforce a couple of years ago.
Now, the engage point is so low, I'm getting a bit worried. It doesn't slip or anything, but is it about to? It is pretty soft when stepping on it and there is there a way to adjust the engage point? to make it higher with raise the clutch pedal?

Download the Factory Service Manual at the head of the B14 forum. That will tell you how to adjust the cable. Sounds like it just stretched out from the harder clutch. If your Centerforce was anything like when I put a Clutchmasters in my B14 you might need a new cable, about 1 inch shorter. Mine was adjusted as far as it could go and still grabbed REALLY low. A new cable solved that problem, but was still adjusted pretty far up. If you have room to readjust, then I would save the money. It's not that hard to do.
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