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hello! i have a question to ask you guys. for the past week now my car(automatic 91 240 fastback) has been making this weird noise and its coming from under the car. the best way i can describe is, it sounds like a weezing noise and i think its coming from the trani. when i start the car up in the morning the noise is there, but when the car heats up after like 6 minutes, the noise is gone and its comes back again when i accelerate. so i guess it would make that noise when it reaches over 1rpm and under that its completely quiet. i ask some people and they all gave me different answers, some said its just the flywheel maybe its loose, or it could be the powersteering. so i don't know. what do you guys think. oh, one more thing. i don't feel nothing wrong when the car switches gears. its pretty smooth. and i checked the trani oil and its fine, a little dark redish tho. so can you guys give me some of your thoughts. thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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