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But once again, that only accomidates half of what I want. Here are the options I've seen so far:

FM modulators specifically for the IPOD (Itrip). Bottom line, they're bulky and they suck, they don't hold a frequency.

IPOD to stock radio. It's ok, but I don't have a stock radio (especially one with CD-changer controls)

IPOD to Kenwood/Alpine/Clarion, etc. First off, my Alpine's too old to support this interface, 2nd it's expensive, 3rd, I heard the interface is slow and difficult to use.

Technically, I could buy an Ipod car charger and plug in a Y adaptor to the headphone jack, but 2 problems: the headphone jack is volume controled, unlike the back of the IPOD dock. Also, that's a lot of messy wiring.

The only somewhat 'neat' option I see is buying another Ipod dock. The dock allows a connection on the back that is not volume controled and it is simple to connect with no messy wires. The disadvantage is there are alot of costly parts to piece together and the Ipod would never stay in it's dock w/ my driving.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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