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I'm hoping that the combined knowledge and experience of all those Nissan "experts" on here can help this UK newbie with a problem that Nissan GB Customer Service technical helpdesk can't answer themselves! I've searched all the forums but all posts appear to cover US or Canadian models.

I have a 2006 UK RHD Pathfinder Aventura with 6CD player and integrated sat nav. I want my Nissan dealer to hardwire an interface so that I can use my ipod via the factory head unit. I have seen the attached link from Courtesy parts:

CourtesyParts :: Nissan iPod® Interface Kit - 2004 to 2006 Nissans without Satellite Radio

however, neither Nissan GB or Courtesy parts can tell me if this is compatible with the UK head unit.

My Nissan dealer keeps drawing a blank and can only suggest an FM modulator approach (but all appear to rely on ipod controls rather than Nissan head unit or steering wheel controls)

Does anyone have know of any possible solutions or products that would work
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