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heyn I'm new here.. I have been a Nissan 240sx owner for 3 years, i've owned 2 240sx's. Sold one highly modified s13, and recently got in an accident with with my 92 s13 (not my fault) well anyways, i am not buying another 240 until march. But i needed a car for now to go to my college, so my dad decided to buy my little bro a car and let me drive it till march when he turns 16. Well he got a 200sx se black. I't immaculate conditon.. i'm happy with it. it's a peppy car. (not to seem demeaning)
well so far we have a stillen front lip and side skirts, he wants to order a short shifter, and lower it.
well add any suggestions. thanx.. and hope to talk to ya'll alot in the future.

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Shortshifter is a must!!! I hate the stick on my dad's B14, it's way to long and feels like it's made of rubber.
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