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Hi yall,

I'm from the great white north, Canada. I previously owned a 2005 Altima, I car I really loved, until I smashed the crap out of it on a snowy highway. With the insurance settlement and some personal financing I got myself a 2005 Nissan Xtrail, and not because I somehow think this will magically solve my snowy highway problems. My family purchased a cottage about 2 months after I purchased the Altima and lamented the lack of 4wd.

I wanted something similar, had decent gas milage and was affordable. Oh, and it had to be a nissan. The Xtrail was a perfect fit. The AWD in the Xtrail makes the ride up the ice covered hill to my cottage much easier.

Hope to learn more about my vehicle and what cool things people are doing to their Xtrails, if anything at all. Maybe learn a few tips and tricks when in comes to maintenance.

So yeah, look forward to posting et al.
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