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Hi, i'm Nilis from Amsterdam The Netherlands.
Overhere we have our own club called "DUTCH NISSAN ADDICTS" aka DNA

My nick. is HARDE KERN, what means HARD CORE , the one that's always there, every meeting, every db-drag... over here in holland we have a lot of carclubs, but usually they specialize in VW golf, opel astra and that kind of crappy cars...

We are an universal NISSAN-only club, we don't mind if you don't want to tune your car although nine out of 10 are... just be proud of your ride, proud to drive NISSAN...

I drive an 100nx 1.6 carb. 1991 model

modifications are:
-xenon 8000k lights
-quatro exhaust
-nice rims
-gti frontbumperkit, sideskirts
-ms-design rear and roofspoiler
-basstube and four fusion 3-way speakers with a poweramp.
-nickname on frontwindow
-clublogo on rearwindow

enough specs, here are some photo's

my next project will be a primera p11 2.0 estate sport... this will be a car especcially for audio, because of the superhuge trunk which i can fill with amps, speakers and subs....
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