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Hello everybody. I am Joseph from the charleston sc area.

To start off,

Yes I did read the classified rules and I have absolutely no desire to disrespect anybody on this forum by registering to sell/part out my wifes 05 sentra. If the admin deletes this I do understand and please know that I mean no disrespect. I dont want to make a couple junk posts to be able to put something in the classifieds.

What I am bringing to the table ( I hope ) is an opportunity for the members here to get a good deal on my vehicle/parts.

My wife was involved in a not so bad wreck last weekend (no injuries). My original assesment of the damage was that the car would be repaired. But a bolt ripped out of one of the engine mounts and is apparently not repairable, so the insurance company is "totaling" the car. We have the option of settling for a price or a little bit less price and get to keep the car.

Unfortunately the current economic situation took its toll on my career last october and I now am juggling a on the road job and some sidework which has eliminated my available time on Al Gore's interweb.

I am trying to decide if it is possible to move this car either as a whole or in multiple parts and come out a little ahead of what the insurance company is offering (its not like we can get a new one with what they are offering). I am not trying to get rich or pocket any money and hopefully one of the members here can get a deal on some needed parts at the same time.

I dont have pictures yet, but will by the end of the weekend and will post them if anybody would like them.

The engine has 66,??? miles on it and runs just fine. It has been regularly serviced by a local mechanic using synthetic oil and has given us no problems. I dont know if the block can be repaired where the engine mount bolt ripped out

The rest of the car is fine with the exception of:
Hood (minor damage)
both front fenders are damaged
grill and front bumper
drivers side headlight
radiatior has minimal damage, but given the nature of radiators probably isnt worth anything
drivers side tire is leaning in bad (CV/axle?)

The car has an 05 build date (according to VIN) and is an SE-R in red. It does have the factory rockford fosgate sound system in it.

Any advise/comments are appreciated

Joseph Smith
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