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2002 Maxima GLE 3.5 115k

Hey guys & gals, I would appreciate any insight you may be willing to throw my way. About 2 weeks ago, after being at idle in a parking lot, I then pressed the pedal and there was zero response. The vehicle maintained idle, but did nothing. Eventually, it kicked back in. I drove 1/2 a mile, then at idle again, it did the same thing. I then turned off the vehicle and cranked back up and it ran ok. Later on, when pressing the pedal, it begin to accelerate but then went back to idle....eventually revving back up. This has not happened since. The past couple of weeks, I have also noticed that when cranking the vehicle it will sometimes crank slowly as if the battery is dying OR crank normally (sounding as strong as ever) but takes longer to fire up. This typically occurs in the morning after having not driven the vehicle for a while. Yesterday morning, I cranked it for probably 7 to 10 seconds and it would not fire. i did this 3 times. I walked away and came back less than 5 minutes later...vehicle cranked & fired up without a problem at all. This morning, it took a while, but fired up.

About 3 weeks ago I killed the battery while having my laptop and GPS running off the DC with the vehicle turned off, but the battery has since been tested multiple times with no problems, as has the alternator (though I know alternators can be intermittent in their bad behavior).

There are no current, stored, or pending codes. I have been sitting in Nissan's service center for 4 hours and they have said they were unable to duplicate the issue but from my description they want my permission to replace the fuel pump and throttle body. I am a former Service Advisor of 5 years myself and wanted to smack them, but hey, they figure I am just some dumb schmuck. At the same time, I am lost as to where to go next. The Crank/Camshaft sensors have been replaced (as per recall) in the past. I would tend to think if it was the fuel pump we'd see a consistent issue. What do you folks think?


- E.B.
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