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So I was just kinda curious because I was looking at it. Well I was looking at my intake and the positioning of it. It seems to have little to no airflow where it is. My question is that I noticed after I took off the stock air box, there is another box of sorts that runs just in front of fender well. The plastic tube comes up right underneath where the intake filter sits, basically connecting to old air box. Well my question is, will that box come out? or is it gonna matter anyways? Seems to me it would give it a little more airflow from underneath, but then again, I am not sure what that box is hence my asking you guys.
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please post a pic of where ur talking about.. if ur talking about the black box thing under ur battery .. thats the silencer box for the intake... (stock) and yes can be removed as i did myself a few 10mm bolts and yes if u run actuall cold air intake it does help but i really recomend getting a water seperator... because if u put the filter in the fenderwell it will get wet and suck water into ur intake and not good after that ... and if u want to run piping into that hole u wil need to cut it bigger alot bigger...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the tube is there to push cold air into the intake. Would it not make more sense to just leave the tube?

Take your tube out and look at it. There is little to no opening to get air into it. It is in now way beneficial to performance. It weighs a ton for being a black plastic box. If you dont want to do a full cold air intake, get a short ram intake, then if you feel like doing this and getting a little more out of it. Fabricate a box around your filter. Using your choice of tubing, Oreilleys has a good option, connect the box to the hole by the battery. You will get close to the same effect as a cold air, but with out the water intake issues. Minimal as they are. Or if you really wanna make it interesting, extend the tubing to the fog light area of the front air dam. Secure it in a fashion that allows air to be forced into it. Now before the flames start, its not a great big improvement, but it does help at certain speeds and or allows more cold air into the area for the filter.
Good luck and you will love how much better the car sounds after removing that heavy worthless box.
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Its the intake resonator.

that is why i made a modified short ram. The intake is very complicated, and most of it's components are unnecessary. The purpose of these components is to quiet the car down for everyday driving. Grocery-Getting.

I cut my stock tube back behind all the vaccume lines except the very last one. I plumbed up some fittings that fitted two vaccume hoses back into each other to maintain vaccume, and then hooked one more into the last barb on the intake tube. I then took a spare hose from the installation and fited an oldschool Edelbrock-style chrome breather. This also keeps most blowby gasses away from your intake. On older cars with worn rings this is a must, as with any vehicles that consume oil frequently.

This is all you need from your intake.

Here is the breather setup. The breather costs $3 at Autozone. And yes, that is an MSD Blaster 3 Ignition Coil, suitable for big blocks on my little Sentra... It made a decent improvement.
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Appreciate all of the responses guys.
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