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Hey guys,

Don't ask why I never drove my truck without the intake pipe over the 13 years I've had her. But I did the other night, and I must say it was a fairly different ride. Granted the engine was on the loud side, but the engine just seemed happier than when i I have the tube on there.

So, what's stopping me from just leaving it off? I mean, is it that much better to suck air from the far-side fender as opposed to just letting the filter box breathe from under the hood? I'm know about warm air being bad air, but any other reasons you can think about?

FYI: I'm currently running stock intake and a normal paper filter. I've heard too many stories about oiled filters (k&N) killing MAFs, and I already had to shell out $360 for new one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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