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I bought a pair of chrome side steps from china and to my amasement they came without instructions on how to install them.

The package came with the two chrome side steps,Two Metal brackets and a bag of nuts and bolts and funny shaped U attachments with a bolt welded at one end.

I had the xtrail up in the air on hydraulic jack many times so that i could get an idea of how to bolt up the steps and it isnt as easy as one thinks.

The brackets give one the idea as though it is not only to bolt to the chassis of the xtrail but to weld as well.

I will post pics asap to show you what i received and I hope that someone can give me some insight on how to install these side steps which I have had for some time now and I cant enjoy them on the vehicle.

Can anyone help?

I really need to get some instructions posted via a link on how to install.

Best Regards
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