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i need help,
i have been working on this car all day and am so frustrated i could junk the car. i got the harmonic balancer off finally after taking all day and looking for the right tool.

Now i can't get the new one on, i went to autozone and got an installer kit, but none of the adapters work, they don't fit into the shaft, the screw fits but of course it's too small to catch, so i tried all the adapters that came with the kit and nothing, i greased the balancer and the shaft and it won't budge on their no matter what i try.

The key on the top came off and i found out it was beveled on the bottom so i'm assuming that comes out so i'm hoping i can just put it back in???

So can anyone help me get this balancer please i am desperate for help, is there a special kit that i need to get? what are the sizes im looking for please help....

thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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