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OK so i have everything setup how i want it engine wise...only thing left to do i plug up my VTC solonoid....

prob... dont have a harnes(to plug into solonoid) for it..gotta locate sumn quik...

issue:- am going to look at my ecu harnes pin out again and the electircal wiring for ma car again... last time i look at the harness i notice couple empty ports, so am gonna chek if the VTC line is there on it... I dont see, more like there isnt a wire(s) coming out to attach a VTC solonoid to. so am left wondering what to do here;

Accordig to the fsm (electrical wiring) the VTC (VTC HARNESS) a lead is tied in with the AAC so am assuming this would be the ground(correct me if am wrong)...

So for the other end (VTC HARNESS) if no leads on ECU harnes, would it be a wise or safe procedure to create my own female end and run a straight lead from the VTC to the ECU harness, make my own ground or as FSM has it, tied in with the AAC.

if its a risky move... should i just go ahead and put it on a switch? till i can get the correct harness
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