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For those interested, I installed the new stromung exhaust yesterday. It come in 3 pieces, 1. Pipe from cat to axle 2. Pipe going over axle 3. Muffler with short connecting pipe (connects to pipe going over axle).
Install was easy, took 2 hours. 1 hour to get old exhaust off, and another hour to install. Sound is just right, no buzzing, fairly deep growl. Almost stock at an idle.
Complaints: Takes 3 gaskets, only came packed with 2. Had to reuse gasket between cat and midpipe. It was tough to stop it from leaking. Also, the last foot of the midpiple has a sleeved piece towards the cat. This sleeved piece has a clamp around it, I assume to adjust length of midpipe for longer or shorter cats, depending on year of car. I still haven't been able to get the sleeve to quit leaking. I might need to take the midpipe out, cut off the sleeve, and weld the two pieces together.
Any other recommendations?
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