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To wrap or not to wrap?

I have an uncoated tri-Y hotshot header on my 97 200sx se (ga16de).
I should say I had, sorry.
It was on for over 3 years and just started to fray so I took it off.
The manifold was slightly discolored but not cracked or blackened by any means.
I did notice more torque (mostly torque gain) and slight hp increase (nominal)
I am planning on re-wrapping it (on order) because I do miss the extra little bit of scavenging help it provided (I run stoic at wot, stock wot is really rich and I've read it doesn't help so much with rich mixtures?).
Anyway, I can use the help from the wrap and If I run into any prob's with the header itself I will order a new one with the coatings (duh, I shoulda done that from the start but at the time the extra $ was not there and credit is no way to live...) I ran the original wrap over two of the header tubes at a time because there is not enough room between certain tubes to wrap each cylinder tube individually.
Modern wraps are slightly better than the older versions. They uniformly conduct heat so not "hot spots" other than the intended temp increase. It never looked "red hot" or molten and yes I checked.

P.S. This was in AZ and yes I ran it in our 118F summer temps in stop/go without any red-hot glowing pipes or burnt wrap or anything. So under these extremes it did fine and so did the header. Maybe NASCAR engines are crazy hot or something but I think they wrapped a Nitro methane dragger to make it fail.

PPS An HS header might be pretty but performance is beautifull!
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