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hey guys im new here and im here for a friend that just bought a 86 300zx and u can tell by the name in a DSMer but plz dont let that offend ya lol. but my friend just got the car was only $500. im goin to be his mechanic for the car but need to know a few common things to look for as in issue wise. it has the VG30E motor non turbo. heres sum issues the car has

1. idles rough(prolly needs tuneup)
2. it started over heating my guess thermostat got stuck shut
3. lil hard to put into gear and has a clankin/pingin sound(not all the time) maybe syncros or clutch

but shott me sum info so i can learn more about this for him and so i have a lil moreknow how about this type of car. all info is greatly appreacitated(bad spellin i think lol) and once again dont let me name get to u
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