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I saw this post in another fourm, I thought you guys could use the info!!(

SECONDSKIN GROUP BUY... Let's drum up some interest!

Since no one wanted to take initiative, I went ahead and contacted Ant about a possible group buy and he was willing to do it for us. So if there is enough interest (and I assured him there would be), here's what Ant is thinking:

- what? all products - 20% off. Damplifier, Damplifier pro, Spectrum, Sludge, etc. Everything 20% off. This is almost at cost folks! [Unlike eDead, there is no plan to keep this 20% off indefinite.]

- when? 4/1 - 4/10 will be the preorder period so long as he can get his website adjusted for this (will be done via coupon code).

- why? b/c Ant is a nice guy... he's really cool to deal w/, very honest, and his product (from the reviews here) rocks.

- where? will be done via coupon code on his website,

- anything else? we (the buyers) pay standard shipping cost in addition to the product cost.

Ant was totally cool about everything, very upfront, and a nice guy. Let's give him some business b/c he doesn't want to do this unless there is sufficient interest. I will post the coupon code as we approach 4/1/05. Please respond if you are thinking about ordering so we can show him that we are just as valuable customers as the people on the SS forums.
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