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Hey i'm Jorge I live in indianapolis, indiana working at a shop called emotorusa check us out online and maybe you'll like what you see we have a lot of stuff for looks and performace. If your in to the high dollar baller race equipment let me know as well, I know a shop north of here with a good friend running a shop that makes custom everything nissan you ask and he will build. Right now half his cars make over 500 hp on his manifolds so either way let me know and I will be able to point you in the right direction and help you with anything you need.

I'm also a sponsored driver and have 2 s13's in the ghey maroon, one is custom fadded. The other is dented up from the last event I went to and is now a daily basher.

Talk to me hit me up for my number and prices on stuff and I will hook it up proper with anything.
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