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We are talking about my wife here. :D haha I am getting ready to replace the filter, thought about one of the cold air induction systems, but have ruled that out.

I know about the normal stuff, I was just curious if there were any reprogrammers or other things that would help. Guess not.

Thanks for the help guys. :thumbup: Sounds like I will have to get a different vehicle if I really want to see a difference.
Hate to break it to you, but a 270hp, 4L V6 isn't going to get stellar mileage.

I agree that the Pathfinder (R50 and R51) are great rigs, but they aren't cut out for city duty and not much better on long highway trips either.

As far as power programmers go, you can look here - ECU programmers.

Air intakes: Intakes

As far as exhausts go, there is a company that makes "guiet" mufflers and its in there name - Hushpower.

You can air the tires up 10-15% above spec and keep the truck as light as possible.
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