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Since Christmas (about 3-4 weeks now), I have had this problem.
Sometimes my Pathfinder starts fine other times I get this problem......

I turn the key and either
a) it almost starts and then it just shuts down. The lights on the dash just go off and then back to the default ones that you would normally see with the key in but not started.
The best way to describe it would like it had power and then had an complete shutdown.
The other time
b) it doesn't start. Just turns and turns and turns.

The odd thing... eventually (2-5 tries) and it will start like everything is okay.
Then sometimes it will go for days without an issue.
Then we are back to the same old thing.
It sits in warm garage so the cold in Canada isn't an issue.

I took to Nissan to look at. I assume alternator or something like that.
They said..... no idea.
It worked for 2 days while the had it.
The did an electrical test. No issues.
I think they did a check of the computer codes but can't say for sure.
So they gave it back to me and said drive till it stops for good and tow it back. That would be more cost effective then them spending time trying to find the problem.

So what do I do.... It took 5 minutes to start it yesterday and then as if it sensed it might go to the doctor it worked fine the next 4 starts.

Any suggestions on direction would be helpfull?
(I also had electrical problems last Feb (2008) and I will post that when I have my papers from Nissan with the details. I don't remember exactly what was replaced but it was electrical wires and an ECU. Basically the SUV had complete shutdowns while driving). I hope that and this aren't related.

Thanks for any help.

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you probaly should have your battery tested. other then that it sounds like you altenator. i dont know bout in canda, but were i live you casn take it your car to a auto store and they will run the codes for free so also try that. dealerships sometimes miss things.

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Check your fuel pressures. Both cold and hot pressure, key off and key on. Based on the first sentenance, it sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Doesn't sound like an electrical problem, but could possibly be an ignition problem...
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