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hey wes.. didnt you say at your power right now you are maxing out the 240sx maf ? is there another MAF that can handle higher that you have now ?

and the GT28R has a bit less spool time than the GT28RS correct therefore less power to the top end and more to the low end ?

sorry for the questions i just want to make sure im reading everything correctly.
The 240 MAF maxes out at about 233 WHP give or take. The 370 cc injectors are close to their limit at that point as well. I am now using the Ford Cobra MAF, MSD 50 lb injectors, and JGY fuel rail. Thi is the new program I am working on with JWT as far as the ecu. This setup will spoort well over 300HP so I am no longer limited by the fuel setup/MAF.

My post specifically says the R spools more quickly, haha, yes you are reading it correctly.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts