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I think I lost my mod-nes
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OK, when I bought my car, I told myself I'd leave it stock, and just keep it long enough to get my student loans paid off, and then sell it for practically nothing, just to get rid of the cheap ass economy car and buy myself a REAL car.
Within an hour, I found myself actually starting to like the car a little bit.
About a month into ownership, I decided that maybe after I paid off my student loans, that I'd keep the Sentra around as a commuting car. After all, I said, it gets about 40 MPG and it's not such a bad car, anyway.
Fast forward to now, and I"ve had the car for over a year, my student loans are STILL not paid off, but I love the Sentra. Wouldn't get rid of it for a million dollars (well, maybe a million, hell, even $20,000 :) I'm a sell out)
Anyway, reading all of the mods that are possible, and everything, you've all sucked me into your web of evil...
Can someone(s) give me some good ideas for what to do and where to start? To clarify, I want my car faster. I have no interest in altezzas, solar panel spoilers, 4" exhaust tips, and psychadelic striping. I want to retain the stock look and economy of this car. I still use it to drive to work, but a lot of that is on a 2 lane highway, and anyone who's driven a Sentra KNOWS that passing is a death defying feat in an unmodded car.
Here's the details of my current setup:
1997 Sentra GXE (it's that dark grayish-black color don't know the name of it) 5-speed, 1.6 liter 4 cylinder, 68K on the clock. I bought it at 46K and the original owner contacted me afterwards and gave me all service receipts and records since new. Oil has always been changed between 3-5K miles, and all scheduled services have been done. I just bought new tires all around a few months ago, so I don't need to get new ones--YET :))
I guess this is long enough for me to get a few bites. Oh, I don't really have a huge amount of money to spend on the car, since I just bought a house, but a few hundred here and there would be fine. Thanks for your help.
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