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Unfortunately (or fortunately; however you view it); there are currently no tail light mods for the 200SX. They do make altezzas for the Sentra but they DO NOT fit on the 200SX. I've heard of many people making this $150 mistake, don't be one of them.

There are some really cool halo lights for the 200SX. You can find them at or You can also find them on ebay for around $130 (the cheapest). Additionally, Mossy Performance makes side corner lights that match perfectly w/ the halos. My research has shown that only buying the halos will require slight body modification but the Mossy corners fit perfect and prevents this. Search the boards and you can find pics of the lights. Additionally, there is an article in NPM that explains step-by-step on how to install them (the halos and the corners). Your search should bring up both of these.

If you install them, let me know how it works out. They are my next project once I can afford my new exhaust system. :D
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