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Hey guys, I guess this is another thread just letting everyone know, "Hey look im new!" well here's some info. about me:

I drive a 1995 300ZX Twin Turbo with a long list of mods, I put out as of now 531bhp (not rwhp) this was my first car, I baught it from a good friend right when i got my permit. I got it with 10,600$ of my hard earned money (no parental mooching story here) and i've been adding stuff to it ever scince. I'm seriously big in racing I take the Z out every weekend for open days, you go in pay and they set up classes and give you a time, at that time you go up and they put you on the track in rows of 2, you go for about 1.5-2 hours straight on the road course and they give you your standing and you can go home and brag to your friends or stay there and get in the next race. I work for GM, in the automotive design department on the student program (work one year take classes, work take classes) it's a 4 year thing but them im basicly given a full time full pay job. I'm a relaxed guy, got a home a girlfriend a nice car (in my opinion) most important thing, I dispise ricers, thats all I need to say.

scince im new im not quite up on putting in pictures so just go to my cardomain site if you want pictures of the Z32

If theres anything else you wanna know about me, dont hesitate to ask
:edit: here's my parts list
Greddy TD05-20G twin turbo kit
Greddy Oil Cooler Kit
Greddy blow off valve
Greddy intercooler kit
Greddy pully kit
Greddy extreme timing belt
Greddy high flow fuel injectors
Greddy full gauges set
Greddy strut tower bars
Greddy VG30DETT Piston set (90mm)
Greddy 300ZX- gracer aero kit
Greddy EVOTT exhaust
HKS SLD (Speed Limit Defencer)
HKS PFC F-CON (Programmed Fuel Computer)
HKS EVC boost controller
HKS Turbo Timer Type-1
HKS Ultra-Light Flywheel
HKS GD Clutch Max Twin-Plate
Stillen grounding kit
K&N 33-2036 high flow replacement air filter
K&N 57-6001 FIPK
APEX Racing Coil Over Kits
Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit
Brembo Gran Turismo Brakes
B&M Quick Shifter
Savage Grill Mesh - Style 3 - 100cm x 30cm
Savage - Window Tinting Film - Alfa 156 - Light Smoke window tint

Tires-all season
Yokohama AVS ES100:
Front 18" 245/40-18
Rear 18" 275/35-18

Hoosier A3S04
Front 18" 245/40-18
Rear 18" 275/35-18

Alpine 'Play It Loud III' audio kit:
includes 4 head speakers (4")
4 subwoofers (13")
head unit w/ XM Satellite radio

Pop LCD screen
Pioneer DVD player
Ps2 w/ grand tourismo 4 preordered

last dyno test came out 531bhp and 502ft/lb torque

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welcome! Glad to see you're serious about what you do, and know what you're doing.

you'll be a great addition to the website :)
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