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I am looking to by a 1993 SE-R from a guy here in AZ. The car has 144,xxx miles on it. From what he told me(and I noticed) this is what it needs......New motor mounts, new clutch, the power steering pump is making a weird screeching noise, but seems to be operating fine. The A/C is not working, the airbag light is flashing, the passenger door will not lock(prob. a broken peice of plastic somewhere). How much money am I going to be looking at to fix this thing? I can get factory parts at cost and pay little to no labor for the work. My friend is the manager at a local garage here in AZ so I get a major hook-up. This car will be my daily driver so I would like everything to be in working order. The interior is in pretty good shape, and the body seems straight. The guy is asking $1500 for it which seems high to me. How much should I offer. Thanks in advance.
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