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fdeeznutz said:
I am looking to by a 1993 SE-R from a guy here in AZ. The car has 144,xxx miles on it. From what he told me(and I noticed) this is what it needs......New motor mounts, new clutch, the power steering pump is making a weird screeching noise, but seems to be operating fine. The A/C is not working, the airbag light is flashing, the passenger door will not lock(prob. a broken peice of plastic somewhere). How much money am I going to be looking at to fix this thing? I can get factory parts at cost and pay little to no labor for the work. My friend is the manager at a local garage here in AZ so I get a major hook-up. This car will be my daily driver so I would like everything to be in working order. The interior is in pretty good shape, and the body seems straight. The guy is asking $1500 for it which seems high to me. How much should I offer. Thanks in advance.
He would be lucky to get $1000 for a car that needs that much work. If the power steering pump is making noise it may have a loose belt or had a leak before and run without fluid. so add a new p/s pump to the list of parts to replace if you don't want to have the noise.Just offer him what you think is fair if he says it's too low bring up all the things that need to be fixed that usually helps bring down the price. good luck with it and maybe look for another car it sounds like your going to have to spend almost as much fixing it as you would to buy it in the first place. It is up to you if you think its worth it or not hard to make a call on a car without actually checking it out though. just my opinion.
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