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sorry about the comment! whats up guys? im a rotary guy, i know good amount about rx7's and rotarys. but i got a good deal on a 2000 maxima, had it since it was brand new. now it's going on 100k, i asked for help one guy answered me! but i had over 45 views! on the rotary forums we all help each other out. does anyone know who i can talk to about my problem with car not starting right? if i turn the key on and off about 5 times then it starts fine, but if i dont do that it wont start, i burnt my starter out, and i dont want to burn the new one out! dealer says i got corrosion in between the motor and tranny and want to charge 3800$ to clean it up, i dont believe that! i never heard of a car getting salt between the motor and tranny from when the car was in the snow before i moved to florida!

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Most folks here are not Aholes so watch your wording. Most of us have jobs and we're not always available to respond at a moments notice. There are some very knowledgeable people on this forum so give them a break.

As to your problem, here are several possibilities:
- corrosion on the battery/cable terminals
- faulty ignition switch
- faulty clutch interlock switch
- faulty clutch interlock relay
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