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If your Gradma has white walls......

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I know none of us have whitewalls on our cars, but like me, Im sure you have parents whom may have white walls on their car.

My mom for example used to own a Lincoln Towncar. Anyways, they look nice with Whitewall Tires. If you see that whitewalls are becomeing less white... One thing ive found out is that if you just take a little bit of steal wool, some soapy water, and use some good elbow grease, the yellow grim and dirt come right off and the white looks brand new again. Lets hope your whitewalls were as good quality as my moms lol. Try it on a small section at least and see if it works.
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Coil cleaner works very well too. If you work in the refrideration business, you know what im talking about. It will take off all the dirt and shit from your tires and rims. Not much elbow grease needed. You can get this stuff at a refrideration parts store. But can take off that nice paint job too...only use it on tires. I garauntee ALL the dirt will come off.
Coil cleaner is some real potent shit. You know if it can take off your paint, you know its pretty strong. Fuck sittin there scrubbing all day. I got a soft brush and cleaned off my Cadillac white walls in about 15 minutes. Just use it one will see what im talkin about.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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