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If your Gradma has white walls......

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I know none of us have whitewalls on our cars, but like me, Im sure you have parents whom may have white walls on their car.

My mom for example used to own a Lincoln Towncar. Anyways, they look nice with Whitewall Tires. If you see that whitewalls are becomeing less white... One thing ive found out is that if you just take a little bit of steal wool, some soapy water, and use some good elbow grease, the yellow grim and dirt come right off and the white looks brand new again. Lets hope your whitewalls were as good quality as my moms lol. Try it on a small section at least and see if it works.
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I use a barbeque brush. It works awsome. Its one of those $3 brushes that has like a 2 X 2 1/2" brass bristle brush on one surface and a brillo pad on the other. It HAD a grill scraper on it but I ripped it off cuz of the potential of gouging the alloy. The brillo pad is kinda worthless but the bristles are brass and they don't rust. The handle is plastic and ergonomically speaking, fits very well. I been useing it for 4 or 5 years and has become a fixture in the wash bucket.
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