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ok so this is the deal. im doing a swap in my 98 200sx 1.6 5spd. I de pinned the 3 interior harnesses........not the 3 plugs from the engine harness that plug into them. So i need to put them back together because the colors are different between those plugs. Some match up and some don't. So what I need you guys to do is take pictures of the three harnesses so I can see the color wires and what pins go into what slots. you need to use a really good camera so i can pretty much be able to tell what wire is what and which hole it is going into the plug. If you take these pictures and they come out good I will give you 10 dollars through paypal. Now if you can take those plugs and cut the plug off with the wires still on them(if this is a parts car or you have an extra harness laying around) and you ship them to me I will paypal you 30 dollars for that.

The thing is it has to be done before the end of this week. I need to get this stuff figured out so I can take my car up to school. So this is very important!!!!!

just send me a instant message on AIM my screen name is castilano9929

or you can email me at [email protected]

or you can even call me and read me off the pin colors too my number is 724 544 9913......the name is Tony

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