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Idling overnight - Electronic shift malfunction

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Before going to the dealer, I want to ask here first.

So I left the car idling overnight, and this morning the electronic shift didn't work, and I couldn't move the car. Below is the dashboard from this morning. This could be a $$$$ repair job since this will be considered my mistake, but also it could be as simple as resetting the ECU. What advice could you give me? How to reset the ECU? Would a simple battery disconnection work? Won't that miss with anything else?


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If it's a '21 there's a bulletin for a software glitch which could cause those lights, but it doesn't generally disable the vehicle. NTB21-032:

There are no bulletins for the '22~'23's, so only a code readout will tell. You can try disconnecting battery negative for about 30 seconds to force a hard reset. It may or may not help, but it won't hurt anything. There will still be "past" codes in all the systems to indicate where the problem was for the dealer.
Idling for as long as you want really shouldn't affect it, and certainly shouldn't damage anything. Once, during a 6-day power outage, we idled my wife's '13 Altima continuously for 5 days while running a power inverter off the battery for lights, a coffeepot, and the waterbed heater. Other than very-slightly dark spark plugs, it had no ill effects and the engine never missed a beat. So if your Rogue took badly to simply idling overnight, something is amiss. Get it checked.
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