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I looked FOREVER for that pcv valve. It's a bitch to get to. Basically it's behind and down from the thermostat/housing. In between the upper and lower part of the intake manifold facing the firewall. Between the upper and lower part of the 1st intake runner to be exact. The vacuum line from it runs back along the motor a bit and goes up between the 2nd and 3rd intake runners. THEN runs to another pipe that leads into the 1st and 4th intake runner. If your hand is small enough you might be able to get to it by removing your oil filter and reaching behind the oil filter housing + a bit to the right. If you look at a new valve you'll spot the old one this way.

To be sure if your PCV valve is bad you would have high HC and CO readings from an inspection for one. Also you could buy a vacuum gauge and hook it up to manifold vacuum. Start the engine and once at operating temp. Your gauge reading should be between 15-21HG at idle. Then raise it to 2500RPM's and vacuum will drop slightly for a second then come back up. It will need to be the same as idle vacuum to be good. More vacuum is even better. If vacuum is too low then the manifold is not recirculating the crankcase pressure. That is what the pcv valve does and is always open except at wide open throttle.
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