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Hello all... Newbie here with a question.

I have a '94 XE 2 door with a 5 speed. Yesterday morning, the brake and charging system idiot lights started flickering like mad - both of them together. I've replaced the alternator recently, and there's no indication that anything is wrong with the car, other than the lights going nutso on me.

My suspicion is a bad relay, and I've seen references to a "Bulb Check Relay" in some wiring diagrams. It is the perfect suspect, since only the brake and charging system lights run through it. Supposedly, it lives in the left kick panel. Well... I just got done tearing the dash and kick panel apart and found nothing that resembled a relay in the kick panel, nor anything that looks like a relay connected to the wires that feed the instrument cluster. I pulled the connectors from the instrument cluster and hosed them off really well with contact cleaner, just in case... no luck.

Does anybody have any suggestions about where to look next, or any experience with a problem like this one?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give -

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