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racinsentra said:
I just bought my sentra in Jan. and I've added a new Flowmaster exhaust on it. But I want to race it, I found a race im going to race in, in June, its a SCCA Autocross race. I was wondering if there are things that I should add to make my car faster, and give it better handling? Im getting a body kit for it. But my car doesnt have a Tach, should I add one? And I want to add a short throw shifter. Could you guys give me any ideas. And are there any other kind of racing that would be good, like drift or something. Thanks.
Your best resource, aside from this forum? Other racers. Go visit some autocross races prior and talk to people. Get the feel from those who race similar cars to yours. It will help out best in the long run.

The other comments here are very valuable, but they can be summed up in 3 easy steps:

1. Wait first before spending a lot of money. Get the car in a basic setup with minimal mods.

2. All of the mods in the world won't beat basic race course handling knowledge. Learn first, then mod to what you need.

3. Learn as much as you can, then go have fun!
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