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I want to nitpick

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As some of you know, I have a brand new 05 Sentra SE. Now, its time that I want to nitpick on the little things.

#1: I do NOT like the shift boot. Its very floppy and could be shortened at the top a little bit. I would give an example but I dont have a digital camera.

#2: The blinker lights are a bit small. I mean, they are only like 1 1/2 inch light.

#3: The fog lights should be made where you can choose to have them on or not, I mean with the headlights completely off.

#4: I dont like the location of the subwoofer. I would like it to be off to the side or something. There again...very minor detail...i dont really care.

#5: I do not have a lock on my glove box.

#6: I hit my arm against the console when I change gears, but my arm is just too long I guess. Not Nissans fault.

#7: It would be nice to have leather offered in SE Sentras. I really dont would be nice though.

#8: The speedo is about 5 mph off.

#9: A place to put your cell phone that would be of easy reach would be nice.

#10: My last nitpick is...the range on the keyless entry is very poor. I would be more than 100 feet away and I cant open my trunk or make it "panic." I really dont care...its just a nitpick.

If anybody has any nitpicks about there Sentra. Please tell me. Im not saying I dont like the car. I love it...its just some of us have our nitpicks.
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chimmike said:
the RF system is the same if it's in the 1.8s SE. I wouldn't really call it an RF system as much as a Clarion system, lol
ah i see... when i first got my spec i boyught a RF headunit off ebay to "upgrade" relized its just the stock clarion with a decal in the upper corner...
yep, and you're actually better off goin wih the cheaper audio package if you ever plan on upgrading too, otherwise it's almost required that you re-wire the entire car. suck.

oh well, live and learn.
Sentra SE, 1.8 SE...same thang. I was just making beleivers out of yall. Thats why I asked if I needed to take a picture. And for everybodies information, its not just a badge.

It has everything that the SE-R has except for the motor, headlights, and some of the guage cluster. Not just a badge my friends. It has the SE-R seats. Now I am referring to the SE-R plain jane, not the Spec-V.

For the sound system, I could have told everybody on this forum that most of the sound system is Clarion. I noticed that when I was inspecting the sound system (because I was bored). Everybody here has to admit that the system has pretty damn good bass being STOCK. I put in candy shop and I get deaf after about half of the song. I know it could be better if it had a 10. What gets me is why they say its a RF system. The whole damn thing is Clarion. Maybe the sub is RF, it sure as hell looks like one. Also, when buying the SE, you are STUCK with the RF system, aint no way in buying it without it. I wasnt going to lose the SE package just because I wanted to get an upgraded radio. Like I said, the SE is pretty fuckin nice compared to the base sentras. Of course you can rip all that shit out. I dont want to upgrade it until it bites the dust, which probably will be in about 5 years because I like to listen to loud, bassy music.

If I am correct, I believe that the 04's with the RF package had a free air woofer in the back. Not very sure, I was looking in the back of an 04 and I seen 2 small speakers and one big right next to the left one. Looked kinda shitty if you asked me. I might be mistaken, dont really know.
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Oh, I'm a believer now.

same thing as a se-r, but anything that counts.
If I didnt post this before, I recall that previous SE-Rs with the audio package had free air woofers, resulting in sucky bass. I do believe I seen that at a dealer ship. Not very sure though. But my audio package has a SEALED box resulting in pretty decent bass. Im not going to say the best but decent. Everybody should know that stock free air woofers are shitty. I think maybe some of you people need to go listen to the NEW and improved audio package and see what I'm talking about. The woofer shakes the car, but not the ground. My guess is some of you people must like really hard ground pounding bass, and I salute you lol. But everybody must admit that it has really fuckin nice bass for a stock system.
the RF package and the non-RF premium package are both sealed.

this thread is closed, it's beyond it's useful life.

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