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NickZac said:
my peepee hurts
Scott in my rep points with a minus 10 said:
Good times.

I am formally introducing myself although everyone may know me. I am Zac, and my peepee does not actually hurt. I am in fact STD free. I just spent a few grand on my car, making it possibly capable of 13s, but now I cannot afford the near $2.50 a gallon to enjoy my mods until my next paycheck comes. Good thing I paid all bills off before blowing every dime on mods.

In a more serious matter, I will simply say that OT does not suck. A few people have said it sucked and the idea that OT sucks has really caught on, fast and strong. Ahh, the power of persuation. If the world can be convinced that The Virgin Mary appeared in a cheese sandwich and a Playstation 2 is a hooker and a drug addict, anything is possible. Actually, I still find OT highly amusing and interesting. The main two reasons people percieve it to suck is because of lack of boobs (speaking of boobs, we got my buddy Jimmy, god on NF, a stripper for his birthday but he doesnt know and neither does his girlfriend who will not be thrilled :p); and the fact that many of the older members are now in persuit of higher intellectual ideas, where as newer and younger members are still at the more primative functioning of the off topic network, such as:
that is gay, they should have just put peanut butter on their penis and let their dog lick it off
Sometimes, the lack of understandable grammar and spelling can make it impossible to understand a post as well which can be frustrating; I do not always see this as a reason to say something or someone sucks as not everyone can convey their ideas as clearly as others.

So I am going out on a limb and saying OT is still cool. Since everyone says it sucks, the word under Off Topic should say "sucks", as only a few members will entirely get it. Maybe even better, we could make the motto "This is still teh place to be".

So this is my first post here, and I see that I had a boatload of support to welcome me in, so thanks to everyone. :D


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and dont share our secrets.
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