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I took a 1996 HB 4WD 2.4L XE 5-Spd. I am looking at for an Inspection......

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This is the Truck ("Runs Great"...LOL):

These are the things I already know:

- It hesitates very badly under acceleration (But no Check Engine Light).

- The idle is very rough. It Bounces from 500-800 RPM.

- Suspension is Bouncy. Shocks are very rusty (probably original), but show no signs of leaking.

- It has a Cone air addition to the stock air filter (LOL).

- The Rear Sliding Window is busted (but sealed up w/plexi glass).

- Driver's Tailight is busted.

- Driver's Door is "Keyed" badly (see below).

- Other small dents, dings and small rust spots...but otherwise OK.
bed and frame in good condition!

- Headliner fabric is drooping. 1/2 Dollar-size tear on Driver's Door vinyl, otherwise Interior just needs a good deep cleaning.

- NEW Windshield, NEW Driver's Window, NEW Upper/Lower Ball Joints.

The Dealer I took it to found the following:

- Clutch may be slipping a little.

- Rear Main Seal is Leaking (can be done during a clutch job).

- Valve Cover Gasket is Leaking slightly.

- Passenger Tie Rod Assembly needs to be Replaced (Tire is worn badly on edges).

- Will need an Alignment when Tie Rods replaced.

- Passenger Tire (Front) has "play" at 12 and 6 o'clock. (Possible Wheel Bearing Issue).

- Engine "surges" at idle and hesitates on acceleration (Possible Throttle Position Sensor Issue).

- Exhaust Tail Pipe is Missing. Only a small piece left after the muffler.

- Tire Tread Depth ranges from 4-6 MM. Will need new tires before winter.

So......I still want the truck. It's been very hard trying to find a good 4 cylinder (4WD w/manual 5-spd.) Nissan with very little bed/frame rust in CT for under my price range of $4,000. I can overlook the interior/exterior blemishes for now. has a few more problems than originally anticipated. I am not too concerned about the VCG and Rear Main Seal. I can live with leaks. It's more the suspension and engine issues that really bother me. Especially the hesitation on acceleration/bouncy idle. The Service Advisor thinks its a bad Throttle Position Sensor. It needs to be diagnosed further.

The kid selling it want's $3,000 or Best Offer and needs to sell it fast. the Dealer said offer him $1,500. I think $2,000 is more reasoble based on the condition of the frame and bed. I would probably have to spend $1,500 in parts and labor to get it up to snuff mechanically (excluding new tires and rear window). I can do basic repairs/maintenance like replacing shocks, fluids, spark plugs, etc. Engine diagnosis/repair and wheel bearings/tie rods are not at my skill level.

Do you think $2,000 is a reasonable offer? I don't want to miss out on this truck either.

Thanks for reading this lonnnng post!
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ehh if it's calling your name any price will do.

i can give you a list of stuff to do to the engine to make it like new probably. but sound like it was used hard...keep looking
Offer $1500 and that's it (IF YOU REALLY WANT IT).

Rough idle could be TPS, it should throw a code. It also could be other things, but TPS is common.

Like you said, after tires you'll have over 2k in just repairs. For 3500+ you may be able to find a much better truck.
i have had many of these trucks and never has a rear main leaked..

it is more likely the rear of the valve cover is leaking and is directly above the rms..

also the engine is slightly tilted so any fluid leaking heads in the direction.

also check the oil sending unit it is a known leaker..

why do you not just read the codes ...
When i got BBN i thought it had a rms leak but was just the cover...was soo loos i lost a bolt....i really hate the old owner
$2000 would be my max with all the work you are going to need to do. I got my 1996 4x4 Extended Cab 4cyl 5 speed for $2900 and I only had to do routine maintenance type stuff (tune up, fluids), and the inner and outer tie rods to pass inspection. The body looks good on the one you are looking at though. Mine has some small rust spots.

Still, $2000 would be my max.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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