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Took my '97 Pathy into the dealer, it has a noticable misfire and the CEL is on.

They scanned it and pulled P0300 and a knock sensor code, obvioulsy caused by the misfire, so I'm not worried about that one.

Anyway for the P0300, they say they want to put plugs and wires in it, no cap and rotor, just plugs and wires...... for $400!!!!!!

WTF??!!! The guy tells me that the plugs are $27 each!!! Wires are $100, which I can see, but $27 for a friggin plug???? And on top of that 3 hours of friggin labor, to do 20 minutes of work!! I've doen them myself before and even with the back plug on the VG33, it is a 1/2 hour job when I do it.

I found a set of NGK's at Advance Auto for $1.99 a piece.

How the hell can the dealer scam people like that?? I know they are more money, but that is a blatant ripoff!!

Does anybody know why they would be charging me that??

I am really let down by the dealer.


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Bad economy!

They have to make money somehow and unfortunatley, some people will give's business! Good thing people like you know how to work on cars and what's involved in replacing certain parts!
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