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The other day, I was poking around the engine on my '87 Pulsar (CA16DE) and found quite a few nasty splices, crimps, and nicks in the insulation and I don't want to attempt rewiring the thing myself. So I found another good CA16DE harness and will need to install it.

Depending on difficulty, I may wait until this spring when I pull the CA16DE for a CA18DET. I read on an Aussie EXA site that the CA16DE harness is a better fit and requires less modification than others so I can either install it now if its easy enough or limp along through winter and replace it when the motor is out.

Do these plug in at the firewall and then run to the engine components or does it run all the way from the ECU to the engine? How big of a PITA is it to change out?
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