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Hi Guys,

Our friend Dai is from Japan, so his English is not upto scratch hence the "I want" LOL :)

Dai has imported a T31 exy from the UK and is now looking for the Owners Manual (not the ESM) that comes with a T31 when purchased new.

If any of the UK guys can help Dai, it'll be much appreciated.

P.S. He has posted the same request on the Aussie forum, but I suggested he does that here, since we only have the Aussie owners manual that is of no use to him.

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Dai san,
I have the owners manual in PDF, as it came as one of the files on the Electronic Service Manual.... but it is the one for the Canadian model :(

I also have the CD ESM for Europe.... but that one does not have the Owners manual at all...

Anyone else?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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