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Sentra GTR-1, did you do the NX2K brakes on the back (switching out your drum spindles for the rotor ones) as well as the front? Also, did you upgrade to the NK2K master cylinder? The overall impression I've gotten from people is that unless you're running autoX, then slotted and drilled rotors are a waste of money. I want to do the NX2K upgrade on my SE-R simply because I want it to be able to stop better before I getting it moving any faster. I don't know about you guys, but my '93 XE with no mods other than a homemade CAI and advanced timing was easily overpowering the brakes it has, I had those things smoking more than once. Now my SE-R, is balls to the wall quicker than my XE, but it also stops a lot better. I can't imagine having an XE that runs as fast as the SE-R with the crappy XE brakes. Drums may have more stopping power than rotors, but brake fade is a bitch, and drums are rendered useless real quick and those measley front rotors can't pick up the slack.
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