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hey all, first post and i need some help... :newbie:

my '92 D21/hardbody stalls out under certain's a KA24E manual, 159k on the clock. it will stall going around corners (giving it some gas usually prevents this) and it also stalls when coming to a stop -- this only happens in hot or muggy weather. when it's cool outside, it runs fine, no stalling. this has been going on for a while and always comes back when the weather is warmer.

the only thing that has been done to it lately is normal maintenance, a new oil sender and a new battery (it was getting hard to start after it would stall). i've researched a bit online and my best guess is that it could be a few things:

-bad thermostat? i.e. the thermostat is bad and ruins the idle
-bad oxygen sensor?
-bad tranny fluid which causes the torque-converter clutch to stay engaged, which causes stalling when slowing around curves or to a stop....?

any thoughts? i'd rather be more informed before taking it into the shop and wasting a lot of cash to get this diagnosed - thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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