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Hello guys

I have an 86.5 HB with the V6 and 5 speed M/T.

I've got a cracked hose that runs from my right (passenger side) valve cover to the back side of my intake. The hose is probably original as it's hard as steel and brittle as glass. It's cracked where it connects to the valve cover and it's causing an oil leak at that spot.

I have tried putting a different hose on but I can't get it to stay on without kinking up. Afterwards I read that you shouldn't use regular old heater hose for this hose anyway. I also tried putting one of those little advanced autoparts bling bling valve cover filter/breathers on it and plugged the hose going to the intake with a bolt to seal the vacuum leak but the truck refuses to idle when I do this.

I'm not even totally sure what you would call this hose? A breather hose? PCV valve hose? If you guys know the one I'm talking about and if I can get it at a parts store or off the net any help or info would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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